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Panel Fiber
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Rack Server Jakarta

Enhanced sliding tray for easy access complete with quick release fastenings.

Adjustable mounting brackets aids installation withing shallow enclosures.

Minimum depth 237 mm.

Rear of panel offers a range of apertures to accomodate a variety of gland configuration.

Front panel configuration options :

     ♦ 24 fibre using ST, SC, FC-PC, LC or MT-RJ
     ♦ 48 fibre using Duplex SC, Duplex LC or MT-RJ
     ♦ 96 fibre using Quad LC

Unloaded panels are supplied with cable management and glands.

Purpose designed panel base allows for customized fibre management and additional anchoring points for incoming cables or ducts.

Front face of the panel includes a port identification strip.

Compatible with Blolite.

The FibrePlus 1U fibre 19" Optic Patch Panels have been designed to optimize both the internal fibre management but also add greater fibre density. Constructed from mild steel with a powder coated paint finish the panels are available in Black or Grey. The Patch Panels offers a flexible and highly versatile solution for optical splicing and patching. The panel's shallow depth allows it to be installed within the majority of standard racks and wall mounted enclosures. The integrated design features ensure that even once installed panels can be readily re-configured to accommodate the changing needs of today's high speed networks.

Product Part Numbering

Unloaded Optical for up to 24 ST or FC adaptors - Black FPCC1SXXX24ST2
Unloaded Optical for up to 12 SC Duplex adaptors - Black FPCC1SXXX24DC2
Unloaded Optical for up to 24 SC Duplex adaptors - Black FPCC1SXXX48DC2
Unloaded Optical for up to 24 SC Simplex adaptors - Black FPCC1SXXX48SC2
Fibre management kit including loops and 24 way splice bridge FPCFMKIT001
Adaptor collar for 3mm Straight connector 30-0301-00
5mm Bloduct bulkhead connector 30-S06-09
ST/FC Blanking Plugs (Black) - Pack 100 BPEST101-100
SC Simplex Blanking Plug (also suitable for LC and MT-RJ) (Black) - Pack 100 BPESC101-100
SC Duplex Blanking Plug (also suitable for LC and MT-RJ) (Black) - Pack 100 BPESC301-100
25mm Manifold Gland 30-4800-09
25mm Lock Nut ML-2S
1m Simplex 900 um OM3 LC Pigtail HOTLCOM3001
LC SingleMode QUAD adaptor (SC Duplex TYPE FOOTPRINT) - 24 Included in FPCC 1SXSM96LC2 BHCL4SM001
LC MultiMode QUAD adaptor (SC Duplex TYPE FOOTPRINT) - 24 Included in FPCC 1SXSM96LC2 BHCL4MM001