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Sensors & Peripheral | InfraGuard

To maintain optimum operational conditions in data centers, getting instant notification of various environmental fluctuations is vital. InfraGuard offers a wide range of sensors for complete environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, smoke, shock and water leakage.

Peripherals such as LED light bars and flashing LED beacons, are designed for use with the sensors for a comprehensive local environmental monitoring solution.

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Temp. + Humid. Sensor

One sensor for temperature & humidity

Low profile and light weight design with a magnetic base for easy affixing to rack

Part no. : IG-TH01-2M with 2M cord; IG-TH01-4M with 4M cord

rack server 20u

Temp. Sensor

Detection for temperature

Low profile and light weight design with a magnetic base for easy affixing to rack

Part no. :IG-T01-2M with 2M cord; IG-T01-4M with 4M cord

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Water Sensor

5M rope round the rack bottom to detect any fluid flowing

Fluid leakage detection, IP65 cable joint connectors provided

Part no. : IG-W01-3M with 3M cord

rack server 42u

Smoke Sensor

Safely operated smoke detection

Part no. :IG-S01-1M with 1M cord

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Shock Sensor

Alert of the physical vibration on the rack

Part no. : IG-V01-1M with 1M cord; IG-V01-3M with 3M cord

rack server 20u

LED Beacon

Highly visible alerting user to alarm status

Part no. :IG-FB03-1M with 1M cord; IG-FB03-3M with 3M cord

rack server 42u

Inductive Door Sensor

Light weight, mini size & adhesive

No custom cutting required on doors, Easy for existing rack retrofit or integration to new rack

Part no. : IG-DSI-2M with 2M cord IG-DSI-4M with 4M cord

rack server 20u

Mechanical Door Sensor

Low cost, Precise and Cost efficient integration to new rack

Custom cutting required on door

Part no. :IG-DSW-2M with 2M cord; IG-DSW-4M with 4M cord

rack server 42u

LED Light Bar

Auto ON / OFF by door sensor detection and Manual ON / OFF by software remote

Magnetic base for easy affixing to rack (WxDxH) : 20x300x12 mm

Part no. :CLB-IX-002 with 2M cord; CLB-IX-003 with 3M cord

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