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Colocation Server Rack

Colocation Server Rack enclosures are essential for data centers and all colocation facilities. With today's growth in the networking market, data center services have made it easier for small business and larger companies to succed.

The availability to house multiple clients in a single computer cabinet is of new age. We offer these cabinets in 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 sizes. Each server rack enclosure is a standard 42U rack height. If you are looking for a different height, please see our services page. Our colocation server racks are custom made and designed with the thought, and consideration of every client. Quality airflow is distributed throughout over 90% of each compartment. All doors are perforated allowing retained heat to escaspe.

Rack Server Jakarta
Rack Server Jakarta

Feature :

    ♦ Standard 19" mounting holes with adjustable dimension
    ♦ High density and perforated doors provide total open area for proper air flow
          - 2 Door Compartment
          - 3 Door Compartment
          - 4 Door Compartment
    ♦ Field reversible doors with 180 degrees opening radius
    ♦ Sealed cable channels accessible only to individual user
    ♦ Optional security panel can replace side panel when two or more cabinets are bayed together

Specification 19" :
Part Number Size Width Height Depth Weight
C42-10900CR-G/B 42U 600 2065 900 160
C42-11150CR-G/B 42U 600 2065 1150 188

Specification 24" :
Part Number Size Width Height Depth Weight
C42-21900CR-G/B 42U 800 2065 900 200
C42-21150CR-G/B 42U 800 2065 1150 235

*1U = 4.45cm