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Environmental Monitoring System

InfraGuard Rack Sensor

For mission critical data centers, the ability to remotely manage the IT rack environment is vital. Environmental issues to your racks, including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorized door access, power and cooling inefficiencies can have a significant impact on the performance of the operations.

InfraGuard provides an environmental monitoring solution to secure high levels of data center operational stability and flexibility. It also gives a free integrated platform for the data centers. User can remotely manage the environment and conditions in racks via IP. This can help reducing manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to actually be at the rack location.

distributor rack server, jual rack server

Key Benefits

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Variety of Sensors / Peripherals

Getting instant notification of various environmental fluctuations, InfraGuard offers a variety of environmental sensors.

jual rack server, distributor rack server Integrated PDUs / Fan Units

In order to enhance the functionality, the InfraGuard remote management supports the integration to intelligent Switched / Monitored PDUs and Fan Units. Up to 1.920 x kWh PDU and 1.920 of Fan Units can be remotely managed by the management software.

jual rack server, distributor rack server

Scalable Flexibility

Multi ports for some critical sensors / peripherals / devices are available on the control box. Users can apply One Controller Box One Rack in order to achieve the optimum environmental management, or One Controller Box Two Racks for cost efficient setup.

jual rack server, distributor rack server

High Density of Environmental Management

The free management software IGM-03 supports up to 30 x IP.

Up to 16 x InfraGuard control boxes can be connected by daisy chain and remotely accessed by one single IP.

Under a One Controller Box Two Racks scenario, environmental remote management up to 960 racks can be achieved.