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Austin Hughes Switched PDU

With today's increasing demand for high technology power management solutions, PDU kWh Measurement becomes a necessity for data center to make an efficient power usage management.

W Series intelligent kWh PDUs provide the monitoring and reporting on the energy consumption, so that data center facilities manager can make an effective planning on the power capacity.

The new 1.8" LCD ammeter allows the easy local PDU setting and monitoring. InfraPower Manager Pro (IPM-Pro), the first class of PDU software, allows up to 9600 PDUs centralized remote management.

Outlet kWh measurement models are also available for individual server level power management.

Key Benefit

distributor rack server Sophisticated Field-replaceable Ammeter
The ammeter of W Series is designed with 1.8" LCD color display. It provides a sharp and highly visible reading for the local reading of Current (Amp), Voltage (Volt), Power (kW), Energy Consumption (kWh), Power Factor, Temperature and Humidity. Setup can also to be done easily.
Moreover, Outlet Measurement is available for WSi and Wi PDUs.
The field replaceable design helps eliminate maintenance downtime by simply replacing defective ammeter without service interruption.
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Highly Cost Effective IP Remote Access by IP Dongle
Patented IP dongle provides a highly cost effective method to access intelligent PDUs. The dongle is hot pluggable and applicable to the entire range of InfraPower W Series kWh PDU models. It is designed to support daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 PDUs to be cascaded via Cat6 cables - all the PDUs are remotely accessed via a single network IP address.
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Centralized Management for Ultra Density PDUs
W Series PDUs - WSi, Wi, WS, and W are designed to support daisy chain connection up to 16 PDUs per group. Only one single true IP address is required to remote access all the PDUs in the daisy chain connection group. By applying the InfraPower Manager Professional edition (IPM-Pro) up to 600 PDUs daisy chain groups can be remotely accessed by one software.
Hence, ULTRA DENSITY of total 9600 Intelligent kWh PDUs can be achieved.
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Software Functionality
IPM-02, IPM-03, IPM-Pro are available, with the basic functions of :
Remote monitoring on aggregate Current load (Amp), Voltage (Volt), Power (kW), Energy consumption (kWh), Temperature and Humidity. Remote switching on/off per outlet for W series Switched PDUs; Reporting and Alarm threshold setting, and etc.
Outlet measurement, Grouping and Chart reporting functions are provided by higher software edition(s).
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Color casings and Cords for Visualizing Power Sources
Mission critical equipments always come with redundant power supply to provide continous services. Pair of PDUs for two different power sources becomes a standard requirement in a server cabinet.
InfraPower PDU provides the simplest way to solve the cable management problems by introducing optional colored PDU casings and power cables.
Users can simply distinguish the PDU from which power source according to the color of the PDU casing or power cable.
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Multiple Outlets Configuration
W Series combines the benefit of the new enhanced features to the existing InfraPower configuration flexibility. The customized outlet configuration required can be built as per request by customer.
Several outlet types configuration in a single PDU can be customized, such as UK+C13+C19, GR+C13+C19, FR+C13+C19, etc.
For ease of installation, PDUs can be fitted with input plugs or either EN60309 16Amp/32Amp, IEC C20, BS1363, L6-20P/30P, or Open-end.
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Wide Range / Customized PDU Configuration
InfraPower PDU Series offer a wide range of outlet configuration. For IEC C13 or Nema, PDUs range starting from 2 outlets to 36 outlets configuration are available. Customers can meet end to end equipment and management requirements using InfraPower whilst meeting budget and application demands.
Outlet module design provides a high flexibility for customized PDU with wide range configuration.
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Short Length Vertical Casing Design
The vertical casing design of W series PDU allows a high outlet number in a short casing length. Maximum 32 IEC or Nema outlets can be provided by a single vertical kWh PDU installed in a typical 42U rack cabinet. It saves the space and allows an efficient power distribution for the IT devices in rack cabinet.