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Rackmount Fan Tray | InfraCool

InfraCool 1U Rackmount Fan Tray can exhaust hot air out of the top of rack or intake bottom cool air into the rack.

Rack Mount Fan Tray Models :

1. Intelligent Rackmount Fan Tray - InfraCool

InfraCool Intelligent Fan Unit series is designed to provide local and remote management capabilities. Up to 16 fan units can be connected by daisy chain and remotely accessed by one single IP address.
Maximum 30 x daisy chain group ( i.e. 480 x Fan Unit ) can be remotely managed by the free GUI. Front panel LED and buttons allow local monitoring and individual fan kit switch on / off.

Besides, fan speed can be adjusted automatically according to the temperature detected by the sensor. It provides adequate airflow and minimizes the operational cost for data center energy consumption.

1U Rackmount Fan Tray Intelligent Fan Unit series offers Master IP and Remote models.

Master IP Fan Unit is bundled with internal IP dongle. Hence, it is applied as the 1st level fan unit in the daisy chain.

Remote Fan Unit without built-in IP dongle will be located to the 2nd to 16th fan unit levels.

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Features & Benefits

1U rackmount w/ 3, 6 or 9 fans

Cascade ports for daisy chain up to 16 levels via Cat6 cable

Designed for low noise & high airflow performance

1 x intelligent master fan unit allows access to 16 fan unit levels over internet

Free ICM-02 management software remote access up to 480 fan units

Auto & manual CFM setting reduces power consumption

1 x bundled temp. sensor with 2M wire

Temperature sensing technology adjusts the fan speeds accordingly

Unit or individual fan on / off ( remote or local )

48V, 24V or 12VDC power option

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2. Basic 1U Rackmount Fan Tray - InfraCool

With today’s high density heat loads inside server racks, cooling should be an integral part of the rack equipment. InfraCool® Basic Fan Unit series is designed as a cost effective but reliable airflow solution. A full range of form factor options are available for different data center needs.

While the fan tray is rack-mounted at the top, the hot air can be exhausted efficiently from the rack. While the rackmount fan tray is installed at the bottom of the rack, a cool air intake can work. A rackmount fan tray in the middle of the rack provides an advanced cooling method.

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Designed for low noise / high airflow performance

External temperature sensor x 1

Front temperature LED

Auto-sensing 110 to 220 VAC power input

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